Case Study Total Store Packaging

LJS Solutions turns your retail store opening into a smooth process that delivers results on budget and on time.

Our Total Store Packaging service can outfit your new or refurbished outlet with everything you need—from shelving and fixtures to signage, lighting, and even POS installations and full-store kitting—all in a single vendor.

Our team designs and engineers your solution, and then we put it all together, deliver it to your site, and set everything up. All you need to do is open the doors for business.

LJS Solutions can handle any project of any size or scope. We offer a full range of operational services, including Custom Fabrication, Branded Displays, and Building Construction.

The following success story is just one example of how the LJS Solutions team of experts serves our clientele’s retail store needs.

The Challenge

A Tennessee-based tractor and farm supply company needed a comprehensive solution for its fast-growing network of retail stores. Opening a new facility carries a long list of challenges, which only become more difficult with the pressures of rapid expansion.

To streamline their new store opening process—and to save the substantial freight and handling costs involved—company owners wanted a system in place to warehouse a large inventory of shelving and fixtures, and then pack and ship a complete store’s worth to a new location in as few truckloads as possible. In addition, they wanted to keep many of their current fixture suppliers and integrate them into the new system.

The company approached LJS Solutions to help, so our logistics and merchandising teams got right to work on finding answers.

The Solution

We worked closely with the client’s fixture vendors and made arrangements with most to warehouse their fixtures in our staging facility. When we were unable to secure a warehousing agreement, we tasked our fabrication professionals to custom-manufacture matching fixtures in our fabrication facility.

The new system was designed to create greater efficiencies in the client’s supply chain and maximize each truckload in order to drastically reduce the freight costs of opening a new store.

The Results

The new system was a complete success. The client now provides LJS Solutions with a weekly new store schedule. We build and warehouse all the required fixtures based on their lead times, and when we receive the new store order, we review it and then pick, pack, and stage the entire store for shipping.

We ship the new store order to arrive the Thursday before installation date, every single time…right on time.

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