Open Position Warehouse Part Consolidator and Packer

Main Duties

The primary function of this position will be to support our warehouse team on numerous duties to receive and prepare products for shipping.  The candidate will support all warehouse staff as directed to include duties below and any other requested activities as needed.

Warehouse Worker:

  • Receive goods delivered to the warehouse for storage.
  • Unload the merchandise from the trucks.
  • Check to ensure that they match with the delivery documents such as the bill of lading, shipping invoice or deliver note.
  • Verify that the goods are intact and report any defects.
  • Take photos of any damaged material upon arrival.
  • Operate forklift as needed.
  • Perform inventory as needed.
  • Tag, mark or label stock items to be stored.
  • Tag and label items to be shipped.
  • Take photos of each outgoing shipment by customer.
  • Perform audits on items shipping.
  • Retrieve items from various locations and assemble them into packing to be shipped to customers for retail sales and walk-in sales.
  • Verifies that they are in good condition and may be shipped to the customer.
  • Prepares the merchandise for shipping through boxing, wrapping, or labeling and delivers them to the shipping location where they are sent on to the customer.


LJS Solutions offers competitive benefits programs including Health, Dental, & Vision insurance along with Employer matched 401(k) and Health Savings Account.